Our Story

I’ve always believed in properly moisturizing. Well, like the average person, I would buy separate products for my face and body. Not only is this expensive, but I found these lotions to have too many chemicals, like dyes, perfumes, and preservatives. Also it didn't seem these products had a lasting moisturizing effect. In a short time my skin would be dry again in a short time, especially during the dry winter months.

One day I finally decided to do some research online for natural, organic moisturizers. The products I found were much more expensive than the lotions I had been using. I researched further on just the natural ingredients being used.

I began to experiment with a few different natural butters and other ingredients. I found what I think is the perfect combination for myself. After two years of using this moisturizer for myself, I decided to share my Chameleon Body Moisture with others.

I hope you enjoy using my Chameleon Body Moisture, a totally natural face and body moisturizer with absolutely no artificial ingredients or added dyes, perfumes, or preservatives and made in small batches which helps control the quality of the moisturizer.

Chameleon Body Moisture contains almond oil, so for those with peanut sensitivities or allergies we offer almond oil free versions in cocoa butter (original) and coconut.

I would like to thank everyone for trying Chameleon Body Moisture and I greatly appreciate your business.